Welcome to Janapriya Secondary School (Technical Institute), where education meets innovation and practical learning. Our institution stands as an excellence in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary science, and electrical engineering.

Janapriya secondary school was established in 2033 BS, in 2061/07/25 BS. In collaboration with the CTEVT, a two-year veterinary and agriculture program was introduced to provide students with practical skills in these vital fields. Escalating its offerings in 2071 BS, the institution launched a three-year diploma program in Agriculture and Veterinary science, offering a deeper exploration of Agriculture and Animal health. Thus, expanding its name to Janapriya secondary school (Technical Institute). Similarly, diploma in electrical engineering was also introduced in 2077 BS to provide electrical workshop skills.

 This institution has its own Agriculture Farms and different Animal Farms (Livestock, Poultry, Pig, Fish etc.) as well as Electrical workshop. This Institution conduct Learn and earn program with motto of providing a technical education and complete field-based knowledge. Also, this institution has huge land area for farming and livestock production where commercial production of agricultural commodities and animal product are produced and sold on market.

Vision : Conduct agriculture , veterinary and electrical engineering based Training programs.

Mission: To support the rural farmers by providing technical persons in the various part of the VDC.

Goal/ Objectives

• Self employment.

• Service to the farmer.

• Increase agriculture and livestock production.


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Field Observation

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