Generally, chemical is extracted from inorganic substances. It can also be extracted from living beings as well as plants. The chemical extracted from inorganic material has more side effect than those extracted from organic materials. Nowadays, the use of chemical is gradually increasing in everyday usage. In a positive note, we use chemicals to save plants as well as animal from disease and enemies. In agriculture sector, the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides has been increasing drastically in a racing of production yield. From seeding to harvesting, farmers are using massive amount of chemical recklessly to enhance the production level of the crops. Excessive use of such chemicals in our farm has various side effects on our health, environment, aquatic and terrestrial habitats. We want to give the best production of the crops to fulfill the demand of the contemporary world neglecting public health. Even the consumers are unaware of the production process of the plants and animals that they are consuming. Individuals tend to opt for products that are glossy, sizable, and commonly regarded as the finest that they get in the market rather than healthy and timely or seasonal production.

The main reason behind all these acts is that everyone wants to live now or at present forgetting the future. We are not worried of adverse effects of the haphazard usage of the chemicals on our lives and environment in the future generation. Comparatively, the condition of our environment is worsening every day. Due to which, people are suffering from various diseases from the cradle to the death bed. Everyone including the innocent children are suffering from heart, lungs, eyes related problems. Outbreak of unexpected diseases are the results of our acts that is excessively dependent on the chemicals. We are experiencing a decline in our natural immune strength, making us more vulnerable even
to minor flu infections. Modern generations are grown up in such a society who rarely consume organic and natural products. We hardly spend time with nature or think about it. Everything we want is quicker, faster and swifter dumping the organic way of agricultural production.

If we talk about climate, there is huge change in it. Even the seasons are affected. It is all because of global warming. We can feel cool in summer and heat in winter in different parts of the world. Unexpected change in weather, excessive snow, heavy rainfall leading to flood are the results of degradation of our nature caused by excessive use of chemicals. Both terrestrial and aquatic animals have suffered massively because of our negligence of
releasing harmful chemicals along with hazardous wastes on the sources of land and water. It is our responsibility to save our planet, our habitat and environment. Several gov- ernmental and non-governmental organizations make laws acts and policies to preserve our nature, but they are only partially implemented. To ensure effective implementation, strict laws should be enacted. Besides that, we need to create mass awareness to eradicate the side effects of such chemicals to protect our future generation. Further, we need to de- velop the culture of living organically, consuming healthy, hygienic and natural products